Titan – Your Top Supplier of Wheels and Tyres in Australia

As part of the global Titan International Group of companies, Titan offers the widest range of car tyres, wheels, tracks and axles available in Australia. We supply and service wheels and tyres for the industrial, mining, construction, earthmoving, transport, agricultural, recreational and passenger markets.

With a nationwide network of sales distribution and service hubs including tyre, wheel and undercarriage service centres, wheel manufacturing facilities and the largest fleet of off-the-road tyre fitting service trucks in Australia, Titan is the only nationwide solution provider of wheels and tyres that can truly make a difference to our customers’ bottom line.

Titan combines the strength and resources of a global, market-leading corporation with the innovation and customer focus of a local company to maintain a premium position as a supplier and servicer of car tyres in Australia for all of its markets, including original equipment machines, specialised bespoke applications and their associated aftermarkets.

Why Choose Titan for Wheels and Tyres?

At Titan, absolute customer satisfaction is a priority. We work with our customers to ensure that our wheels and tyres meet the highest quality standards. We strive to continually update our plant and machinery to stay ahead of our competitors. Our engineering, sales and customer service teams have proven track records in providing results for all our customers.

We are also totally dedicated to working in accordance with the strictest safety standards. The high-risk nature of tasks undertaken by Titan demands concentrated focus and the continual integrated development of our Safety, Health, Environmental and Quality (SHEQ) program, which forms the nucleus of our business. 

For each operation, a specific Occupational Health and Safety Plan outlines our compliance not only with ISO, Australian Standards, company policies and regulatory requirements but with best practices tuned to performance objectives. That means you can rest assured that all of our car tyres and wheels are possibly the safest you can buy in Australia.

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Titan takes an engagement approach to safety leadership.
Involving all staff in the planning of safety related strategies ensures a company-wide understanding of our collective responsibilities in considering safety as the most significant aspect of our work.

Joint management-employee safety committees are pivotal to the advancement of our continuous operational health and safety (OH&S) improvement drive, particularly in relation to the annual revision and amendment of safe work procedures.
The activities of off-the-road tyre and rim maintenance arguably present the highest level of inherent risk in a mining equipment maintenance environment, for the servicemen undertaking the tasks as well as others in the vicinity. The cooperative involvement of front line tyre servicemen in the joint OH&S committee allows for a broader understanding of practical knowledge and risks of specific tasks and environments. This in turn enhances management perspective of job inter-relationships and the hazard mitigation effectiveness of job safety analyses.

As service providers conducting high risk activities, often in shared facilities, we consider it our responsibility to proactively contribute to the enhancement of safety on all client sites by sharing information and from our established library, our industry network and gleaned via behavioural observations from all our operations.