Titan – Your Leading Supplier and Servicer of Off-Road Wheels in Australia

At Titan, we manufacture our own range of high quality off-road wheels and tyres, as well as supplying all of the leading off-the-road (OTR) wheel brands in the Australian market. Our OTR wheels are renowned for their exceptional craftsmanship, unique tread designs and incredible durability. They can stand the test of all terrains for an almost unfathomable length of time.

Our hugely knowledgeable staff will be able to dispense all the professional advice you need for choosing off-road wheels for trucks, vans, 4x4s and other OTR vehicles. They can recommend the best of tyres for you, depending on the needs of you and your vehicle, so Titan is the place to go for expert tips on selecting off-road wheels and tyres.

Titan boasts expert knowledge of all offroad wheels

Our expertise of off-road wheels in Australia is second to none. We have an encyclopaedic understanding of the unique terrains that Australian drivers will encounter, so whether you simply own a passenger vehicle or a full fleet of industry-standard driving machines, make us your OTR wheel specialists. Our combination of top quality products at excellent prices, plus our expert knowledge and commitment to quickly providing customer satisfaction, sets us apart from the rest.

Talk to Titan, the leading off-road truck wheel specialists in Australia

It’s not easy to find the best type of wheels for your truck, whether you own one or an entire fleet, so at Titan, we are dedicated to providing the best range of quality off-road truck wheels in Australia. We stock all of the major brands, covering all tread patterns and other specifics, as well as our own make of truck tyres, which are perfectly suited to the Australian market. Why rely on guesswork and hoping for the best when you can talk to Titan, the specialists in off-road truck wheels?