Off-Road (OTR) Tyres

If your earthmoving, mining or forestry business needs OTR tyres, we can provide you with the products you need.

At Titan Australia, we stock a range of off-road tyres (otherwise known as OTR), allowing you to have greater flexibility in choosing a product that matches your individual needs. We can supply your business with products from leading OTR tyre brands. No matter what tasks or projects your business engages in, these tyres are designed to suit various applications.

We have a reputation for designing and manufacturing our OTR tyres to a very high standard. When we design these types of tyres, we implement our very own unique tread designs to provide even more durability when performing your tasks. As one of Australia’s preferred tyre suppliers, we take it upon ourselves to test our tyres to see if they are compliant with design, safety and suitability.

Our OTR tyres are designed and assembled using the most advanced technology, allowing you to perform best in mining, earthmoving, quarrying and construction projects. As well as manufacturing tyres to feature our unique tread designs, we offer them in a range of different sizes. Make sure your machinery is being fitted with the most adequate tyres possible by getting in touch with our professional tyre specialists about your vehicle’s specifications.

As well as finding the right tyres for your specific needs, we can install them on-site for you.

Our mobile tyre service team can supply and install your tyres on-site for you, saving you the time and stress of having to do so yourself. Whether you’re based in the city or you’re currently working in a remote area, we can arrange to deliver your tyres and fit them onto your machinery for you. As part of our Tyre Services, we provide OTR tyre and rim maintenance and pressure monitoring to ensure your fleet of machinery continues to operate without any ongoing issues. Visit our Tyre Services page today to find out more about how we can service OTR tyres.

To speak to our team at Titan Australia about tyres for your fleet of OTR machinery, get in touch with us today to see how we can help.