By purchasing rollers from our team at Titan Australia, you’ll have the choice of choosing from single, double flange and carrier rollers.

Our rollers are suitable for mini-excavators, excavators and crawler tractor machines ranging from 0.8 tonnes to 800 tonnes. We have special versions of rollers which are suitable for road milling machines, pavers and forestry. Our rollers are duo cone sealed and are lifetime lubricated for a longer lifespan, ensuring they operate perfectly under any working condition. The rollers we manufacture and supply are also equipped with hot forged roller shells to obtain excellent internal fibre flow distribution.

To ensure your rollers perform at their best, our team at Titan Australia design rollers to feature differential hardening heat treatment for bell mouthing resistance and longer wear life. We use precision design techniques and advanced technology when manufacturing all components to ensure maximum reliability and life span.

Our experts at Titan are industry leaders when it comes to supplying rollers for clients in Perth, Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, other cities and remote regions across Australia. Contact us today about your roller needs by sending an enquiry, or call us 1300 791 672 to find out more about what product best suits your needs.