At Titan Australia, we can supply forged, bolt-on and weld-on sprockets cast with special steel for perfect internal and external homogeneity, providing resistance to deformation.

We have a wide variety of sprockets and sprocket rims suitable for track-type earthmoving and special machines ranging from 0.8 tonne to 350 tonnes. Our sprockets range from three to six teeth segments and can match any type of track-type machines varying from 6 to 100 tonnes.

Our “precision” forged, bolt-on and weld-on sprockets ensure perfect assembly, and they eliminate the risk of bolt misalignment and loosening. We supply sprockets that have a hardened depth, resulting in excellent wear and a longer lifespan.

If your machinery has special sprocket requirements or if you need one with a specific design, we can source and supply you with a product that is customised to your needs. The sprockets we can supply for you will help with your machinery’s performance, allowing your business to maintain productivity and efficiency.

If you would like to learn more about the sprockets we have on offer and what sprockets are best for your specific needs, contact our team at Titan Australia on 1300 791 672 for more information.